Years ago Johnny Depp dated Winona Ryder, and got a tattoo on his arm that read “Winona Forever”. A couple of years later they broke up, just like every other couple that tattoos their partners name on themselves. Anyway he had the tattoo fixed to read “Wino Forever”. Depp says that it’s a really accurate description of himself. I thought that was funny because it’s a pretty accurate description of most people in America over 30. The wine industry in America is positively booming. Wine has taken over beer as Americas favorite. Beyond America, the wine industry is also growing, and the largest wine consumers in the world has actually become Asia.

So now everyone is becoming an expert on wine. Everyday people like my parents and boyfriend are talking about different wines’ complexities, notes and developing their palates. Do they know what their talking about? Maybe. After all wine is kind of like art, in the end it’s all about your own personal preference.

With the growth of this international wine lovers movement, there has also been a boom in wine accessories. There are wine bottle cork cages, automatic wine openers, aerators, fancy bottle stoppers, and wine preservation glass wear. We ran in to this last one at The Cannes Film Festival, where all the coolest brands end up making their way in to celebrity gift bags. It’s called Savino (get it like save – vino) because you can save your wine for longer than you normally could. It looks something like a tubular decanter. The product was actually a success story from Kickstarter, and has been written up in Huffington Post and Wine Enthusiast.

Wine lovers now have something to add to their wine collection; a wine preserver. We better let Johnny Depp know!