Years ago Johnny Depp dated Winona Ryder, and got a tattoo on his arm that read "Winona Forever". A couple of years later they broke up, just like every other couple that tattoos their partners name on themselves. Anyway he had the tattoo fixed to read "Wino Forever". Depp says that it's a really accurate

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Discover Tuscany, The Perfect Summer Destination

Are you planning your next holidays? What will be your destination? If you are not sure about where to go yet, you should consider Tuscany. You probably know Tuscany is a region in Central Italy lying on Tyrrhenian Sea shore. It was a place where renaissance started, and this area has plenty to offer to

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World’s Best Wine Resorts

Photo Credit: Huffingtonpost Argos in Cappadocia, Uçhisar, Turkey Late summer and early autumn, when most wine producers begin harvesting the season's vintage, are some of the most exciting weeks of the year for oenophiles. It is a crucial time--grape ripeness and quality are determined and wineries are at their busiest. For vino enthusiasts

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