Barbie: from the toy aisle to the Hollywood big screen

By Zsófia Benyi No, you did not just get your head stuck in a fluffy pink cloud, Barbie just entered the chat, and after being the busiest woman in the toy aisle, she has some pink Hollywood stilettos to fill. Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling show you the dream world directed by Greta Gerwig in


The first thing you’ll notice is all the pink. It’s everywhere. That makes perfect sense, of course –for a collaboration with Barbie, you go all-out for pink, since that color has become synonymous with the brand. So, Balmain Creative Director Olivier Rousteing designed the collection’s palette to evolve from the softest blushes to a

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Alessandro Enriquez and Barbie Team Up to Promote Diversity

By Alexandra Lekas For a long time, the Barbie doll has stood as the model for what girls “should” look like, presenting aspirational qualities and mostly unattainable standards. In recent years, however, both Mattel and those who collaborate with Barbie, have strived to change what the doll stands for and create more versions of

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