One last time for The Late Late Show

By: Zsófia Benyi James Corden, British, Broadway strutter and lacking the typical talk show midwestern-twang, walked into America's Bedrooms to throw the biggest late-night party every week: getting us all cracking up with laughter, quickly securing a sweet spot in our hearts. Nine years and many Carpool Karaokes, Drop the Mics, Spill Your Guts or

Senorita of the Coachella desert

Senorita of the Coachella desert: Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello reunion By: Zsófia Benyi We all loved it when he called her Senorita, “the air was hot from summer rain”, it was 2019, and the IT couple emerged onto the scenes like “ooh, la-la-la”: Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello from friendship at fifteen to dating

Emrata and Harry Styles: a spring fling under Tokyo skies

By: Zsófi Benyi Emily Ratakowski is rewriting old narratives: as the single power mom, model-turned-author, and podcaster every week, she delivers fruits for thought on the High Low pod while serving the hottest looks on runways and red carpets. She is not stopping at the fruitful career or her adorable 2-year-old's puppy-themed birthday: Emily's so

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