Lab Rats of Facebook

Many Facebook users are left feeling just that…USED! After a study conducted by Facebook researchers, controversy has been stirred up in response to Facebook users feeling like lab rats, uninformed of a study being conducted in the first place. For a research project and eventually a paper, researchers at Facebook tweaked what thousands of users

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Beautiful Me: How the App has Made Facebook Your New Beauty Essential

Beautiful Me, a new mobile app that enables instant detection of a user's skin profile, is launching today exclusively for iOS devices. The app applies patented big data technology to conduct a skin analysis of a user's Facebook photos to measure changes in facial features, makeup, aging and hair to help them better understand their

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Mark Zuckerberg’s Charitable Donations

Photo credit: Paul Sakuma/AP Mark Zuckerberg recently made headlines when the announcement was made that he was giving much of his earnings from Facebook to charitable causes. Mark Zuckerberg is well known as the CEO of Facebook and one of the youngest entrepreneurs to amass a large amount of wealth in the tech

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