The Most Popular Sneakers By State

Everyone loves sneakers. They are an absolute necessity in every wardrobe. Which sneakers you choose to wear says a lot. Sneakers are not just for sporty function, but they are high fashion too. At this point they are also a hotly traded commodity. Planet Fashion ran a story a while back covering sneaker brokers. These

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El Accesorio del Momento: El Pañuelo

Una de las tendencias para esta temporada son los pañuelos y serán más multiuso que nunca, esta vez como cubrebocas, bufandas y como bandanas. El accesorio es un resurgimiento de la época de los 70s y luego de los 90s, pero ahora el look gira en torno al pañuelo y su color y estampado. 

VOGUE Fashion Night Out Amsterdam

The P.C. Hoofstraat, that is Amsterdam's version of Fifth Avenue in NYC, was "the" party for Vogue Fashion Night Out. All of the luxury boutiques hosted their own cocktail lounges serving Prosecco and entertaining fashionista with DJ's or live music. Hermes had a virtual bike video you could make sitting on a stationary bicycle wearing one

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