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Lifestyled Sustainable Fashion and Tech Tour

Planet Fashion TV has teamed up with Morph Media (the makers of hit Netflix series Tech Toys 360), to launch an exciting new interactive tour. The event is called Lifestyled and is the "What's Next Now" of the Sustainable Fashion and Tech world. Set to unveil during the February Fashion Weeks in 2020, the event is a dynamic look

London Fashion Week Review

Image from Alexander McQueen Fall 2016 show Past Meets Present at London Fashion Week Fall 2016   A city with a global identity completely unique to itself, London once again came alive during Fashion Week with Fall 2016 bringing designs that embraced part British nostalgia, part futuristic vision.   Paying tribute to the genius that

Burberry Was A Bummer: London Fashion Week

Christopher Bailey is now Chief creative and Chief executive office at Burberry. Is that goo? It depends on who you ask. Anyway Burberry seemed to have a bit of the doldrums going on for this collection at London Fashion Week. It was definitely tough meets girly, like jean jackets over frilly dresses. Bailey talked backstage