Miami Swim Week Moved To June

Miami Swim Week is the largest swimwear fashion week in the world. It is a fashion community week that no one owns but rather is a time of year that different production companies present fashion shows and trade shows for the Swim and resort wear apparel industry.  The event started back in 1982 with the

The secret to swimwear success:

By Zsófi Benyi “I’m always in a bathing suit. I’ve tried everything, so I’m a pretty good connoisseur when it comes to swimwear.” Explains Pamela Anderson, model, actress, and the new memoirist: who made the red one-piece bathing suit a classic and iconic from Baywatch movie screens to burning in all our memories. Then there

The cut: Brands that are making a moment

By: Zsófia Benyi From the 2020s That Girl, juicing, meditating, moving and hustling, the last year opened up a new aesthetic across all social media powered by brands that set the vibe for our new aspirations. Call her Pink Pilates Princess, Clean Girl, Soft Girl, or Selfcare Lover- she pretends she is on Vogue Beauty

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