The Most Luxury Obsessed State

Americans on the East Coast are more luxury obsessed than on the West Coast. They have figured it out by analyzing what people search for on Google. People who are Googling things like “luxury hotels” and “luxury cars” live on the East Coast more than in other parts of the country. Surprisingly, only one West Coast state

The most iconic Carrie Bradshaw tutu cost 5 dollars

The most iconic Carrie Bradshaw tutu cost 5 dollars: here is how to celebrate Sex and the City turning 25 in style By Zsófia Benyi From a column in the New York Observer to Candace Bushnell being described as the “Sharon Stone of journalism” by the Times to her fashion-obsessed, Vogue-fed, shoe-hoarder alter ego exploding

Hailey Bieber’s style evolution: how to get her signature looks

By Zsófi Benyi Hollywood It-Girl, whose growth from socialite to jet-set model and the wife of a superstar to skincare brand founder, resulted in a head-turning style evolution: and the result? A classy, attainable, simple wardrobe of solid foundations that results in a street style sensation, with the occasional nod to a trend (baggy jeans

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