The Rise of Mike Will Made It has been astounding. His Name is Michael Williams. He coined the catchy nick name Mike Will Made It so that people could recognized his tracks. You may not know the name but he’s produced hits for 2 Chainz, Kanye West, Rihanna, Lil Wayne and Miley Cyrus whose Bangerz album he executive produced. Oh and he’s working on Miley’s new album too.


At only 24 years old he has managed to make big waves in the industry. Now he’s coming out with the first full length album of his own. His goal he says is to be a mega producer/artist like Dr. Dre. 


“I feel like with this album, the expectations are high” he says , “so it’s like when Dre came with ‘The Chronic’ he gave the people something and it changed culture, it changed music.” 
He also came up big at the ASCAP awards last month 7 of the songs he wrote last year won awards.
Check out this hot remix he recently did featuring Nicki Minaj:
Is This The Biggest Producer In The Music Industry?