During the Blood Moon I was searching for Moon inspired music. Searched under every possible Key Word, hoping to come across some sort of Moon cherishing group. My expectations weren’t met, instead I found something better!

He goes by the name of M.O.O.N , a Bostonian Electronic Musician who now lives in Los Angeles. He describes his talent as “I make music I want to listen to. You might like it too.”
I’ve found no published bio or any personal page of this person, nor found out his real name.
This shows humbleness, or just that he’s all about his Music business.

M.O.O.N will be touring in Europe from July 15th to August 12th.
Check out his current releases on the Music Blog: , and daily updates via Facebook OfficialMoonMusic & Twitter: @Moon_Music_.

For those that are more interested in the Blood Moon that occurred April 15th and it’s Scientific Significance check out this article: “Lunar eclipse tonight: Watch it live with NASA, right here” , the next one is said to be October 8th, so mark your Calendars!

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