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If you already don’t know who Curren$y is, then you probably haven’t been paying much attention to hiphop lately. Curren$y is on the rise and he comes from New Orleans, Louisiana. However, his appeal as an emcee and advocate for cannabis legalization has made him more popular than ever.


Lately he has been doing shows around the country and attracting people to his music with his unique rap style and his persona that fans find to be very appealing. In addition, the crowds are also enjoying the bit of controversy that he tries to inject into every show.


Curren$y got his start back in 2002 after he signed with the record label known as No Limit Records which is owned by music mogul Master P. He was then associated with the 504 Boyz.


In 2004, he joined with Cash Money Records alongside Young Money Entertainment which is Lil Wayne’s record label. Since collaborating with these group he has been featured on some of Lil Wayne’s mixtapes including Dedication and Dedication 2. Curren$y has also started he own venture called Fly Society with skater Terry Kennedy. In 2007, Curren$y left Young Money.


He is currently featured on the mixtape New Jet City and The Stage EP which features Smoke DZA and Harry Fraud. He has also collaborated with other artists recently including Snoop Dogg, Mos Def, Trinidad James and Wiz Khalifa.