Kanye West
Looks like Kanye West has started completing his 250 community service hours by teaching at fashion school.

Allegedly Kanye was at L.A. Trade Technical College speaking to students about his experience in the fashion industry.
Either way speaking at colleges vs picking up trash is definitely a great way to complete your CS hours!

But, his new job isn’t completely voluntary. In March, ‘Ye made a plea deal in the case that stemmed fromhis fight with a paparazzi photographer in order to avoid jail time. The court agreed to grant him 250 community service hours and 24 months of informal probation. This gig, which will (we assume) have Kanye sharing a few of his fashion secrets, will count towards those hours.

Kanye’s new position is definitely up his alley and we wouldn’t be surprised if Kim starting Instagramming how proud she is of his lessons, like she did when he spoke at Harvard. Plus, Kanye is known for having some major influence – there is an entire textbook dedicated to his cultural influence – and being the ultimate perfectionist at just about everything.

Still — not a bad way to knock out community service … and avoid wearing that unflattering orange vest … it’s so last season!