Reports are circulating that Lil Wayne’s longtime girlfriend and now fiancé Dhea Sodano, is pregnant. It is also reported that Lil Wayne has been seeing actress Christina Milian for the last several months on the side, and that she is now also pregnant by Lil Wayne.
The Christina Milian rumor is particularly interesting because Lil Wayne has a child by Christina Milian’s ex-husband’s ex wife. It’s a bit confusing but a long time ago a famous record producer named “The Dream” was married to a singer named Nivea. Nivea then went on to date Lil Wayne and has a baby by him. The Christina Milian married “The Dream”, and now is said to be having a baby by Lil Wayne. Weird.
Anyway if this is correct then Lil Wayne will officially have 6 children by 6 different women and they’re all gorgeous!
Wow he really gets around!
Check out a Lil Wayne’s family of baby mamas below.
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