The Last MIA US Concert
Music fans and enthusiasts affiliated to the controversial yet top selling artist M.I.A. have something to smile about. The rapper of Sri Lankans and Harlem descent will be on the road for her US tour. The spring themed performances will see the London-based hip-hop artist perform in several cities across the US. What makes it more tantalizing, the female rapper will be seeking to perform alongside A$AP Ferg.

Start In Washington
The duo will be on stage for the 21 performances, set to kickoff on April 27. However Ferg will be missing on three performances. The tour will kick start in Washington, and head out to other cities including: Detroit, Chicago, and Boston. By the beginning of May, the duo will hold a joint performance at the important Knockdown Center in Queens. The shows will mark the end of the rapper’s US tour, slated to pull down curtains with the Queens performances on 8th and 9th May.
Ferg is already fired up for the road trip, and had tweeted about the high expectation and energy that fans should expect to see form the two. Notably, it might not just be another tour, since the duo is in it to prop their recent albums. Ferg’s first album Trap Lord and M.I.A.’s Matangi album, which is her fourth collection, will be the main highlights across different stages.

Separate Performances
During the tour period, the two will also perform separately, with Ferg heading out to the famous Coachella season show and Philadelphia’s Roots Picnic later in May. Mia will also be taking her sideshows to the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, where she is headlining the upcoming performance on May 28. Later, she is expected to grace the Sasquatch Festival in Washington in July. The two budding artists will be hopping several theaters, including: the Detroit Masonic Theater, Riviera Theater, State Theater in Portland, and the house of blues in Boston, among other revered venues.

Hologram Stage alongside Janelle Monae
At the same time, M.I.A has prepped for the tour with a number of performances, including her recent appearance on a hologram stage, alongside Janelle Monae. The two were shared on stage during different performances, although Monae was only present through a 3-D projection. Monae was present on the West Coast with MIA reciprocation her likeness on another hologram.  The hologram project was part of a launch sponsored by Audi during their launch for the new Audi A3 model. Perhaps the holograms might serve to open new horizons for the artists beyond their conventional performances in the future.

After The Hologram
This was the first time that M.I.A and Ferg were performing via the technological hologram, which was used to showcase. After the hologram, Monae expressed her wishes that she felt it would have been better, if she was part of the crowd rather than on stage. Both artists later confessed to having the urge to check out their holograms on social media. Lamenting about the limitations associated with the 3-D performances, the singers were optimistic about future projects, even though the focus for now was a bit far from the hologram craze.