There’s that one song (or musician) in every country that catches people by storm. It’s on every radio station, musicians make covers of it, and fans make hilarious parodies. For example in America, Miley Cyrus ‘Wrecking Ball’ infamous video was parodied by many and a ton of artists including HAIM made epic covers. This mania happens around the world and trends vary in regards to music genre depending on the country. Ever wondered what they’re listening to in Iceland? Brazil? Let’s take a look what at these countries and what they just can’t get enough of.

Ambient pop music is currently taking the UK by storm. Ellie Goulding might the most popular artists outside the UK in this genre, but there still much more talent yet to be discovered that we must know about. The UK based record label PC Music is  where all the underground and emerging artists of this plur-esque sound. PC keeps to the underground and emerging artists like Hannah Diamond and Maxo. Some of the bigger artists in the scene include; Clean Bandit, Sophie Ellis-Boxtor, and Matrix & Futurebound.

Brazil Baile funk, or if you’re a local you refer to it as funk carioca or favela funk is the next craze. It’s not only a music genre, but a way of life that has spread to all of South America. It’s roots are in the 80’s and the 90’s where it started out as as bass music which could be why artists such as Diplo gravitate towards it. If you remember Brain and Hassan’s “Pump Up The Party.” then you’re familiar with Baile funk. It has changed since the 80’s and 90’s with a more modern pop feel, but never losing touch of those funky bass beats. Check out some of Brasil’s top artists: Jota Quest, Valesca Popozuda, and P9.

So Psy might’ve put K-pop on the map, but let’s not forget about the contagious J-pop. Japan is just as crazy about pop boy and girl groups as Korea is. I am talking fanatics. However, J-pop has more of a punch to it as it has its roots in 60’s pop and rock, think Beatles but with a modern kawaii touch. Here are some artists to check out: Yellow Music Orchestra, AKB48, Ayumi Hamasaki.

Iceland, has wonderful artists and well known like;  Sigur Rós, Björk, and Of Monsters and Men. . However, Iceland has more to offer and have combined two styles of music, Electronica and Folk (Electro Folk) to create a magical musical experience. It’s diverse meaning you can enjoy anywhere from a folk music festival to a dance club. It’s completely transcendental and enthralling. Even if the lyrics are in Icelandic you are just taken away on a journey into the unknown. I highly recommend checking out these sensational