Photo courtesy of Chromeo and Atlantic Records

Superfly, ’80s-inflected electrofunk duo Chromeo are back. Remember those cats whose second album, Fancy Footwork, had cover art featuring those gleaming, long dame-legs-for-synth-stands? Well, recently, the always-clever Montreal team revealed the artwork for their newest album, White Women (to be released this coming May), on—wait for it—a “Missed Connections” post in Craigslist in Minneapolis. It features lyrics from their first single, “Come Alive,” and an address for the First Avenue club, which will always be remembered for being featured in scenes from Prince’s 1984 film, Purple Rain.


Besides their creatively subversive approach here, it’s not surprising that Chromeo’s using the Web as an effective marketing tool. As singer/guitarist Dave1 told the BBC, “I think a huge part of our identity is

[…] that we’re an Internet band. We blew up with the Internet at the same time as music blogs blew up ’round 2007, and that’s when Fancy Footwork blew.”

Tracks on the new album include “Lost on the Way Home,” which has vocals from Solange Knowles (Beyoncé’s sister), and “Sexy Socialite.” Regarding the latter, Dave1 pointed out in his BBC interview: “Let’s just say that we had to spend a lot of time in LA doing this record. There is that sunny California thing with [the song] “Over Your Shoulder” as well—it establishes our humor too.”

For now, check out the video for “Come Alive,” their newest single: