Hip Hop studio

When you look on Timbaland, Kanye West or Dr.Dre, you probably think: how can they produce such fresh beats all the time? And it’s true, every beat they make has the potential to become a hit. Well, it’s really not that hard to make it happen. Everyone can do this with a certain amount of experience. See, the thing is, everyone of these guys has his own style and working structures. It didn’t come over night, of course. This is a result of hard work and experience. Not to forget the passion they have when it comes to making music. The truth is, there are many good producers out there who are as talented as the big guys in the business, but the difference is that the famous producers have built a reputation for themselves. So if Timbaland, for example, makes a song, it’s guaranteed the song will be played on the radio or television because everyone knows what hits he had and the new song might be as hot as the one he produced before.

Everything really comes down to having your own style, Dr.Dre for example, is known for his westcoast piano sound, you probably heard the song  Still D.R.E. he made with Snoop Dogg in 2001. Now he’s the first one people think about when they hear westcoast rap. Timbaland is famous for his busy drums and percussions, Kanye is known for his busy drums and sampled sounds. The chilly percussion sounds and RnB-like melodies made Pharrell big.

What’s your style? If you don’t know it, it’s time to find out! Experimenting is the key to this. Find out what sounds best to you and look for the responses of people who hear your music. Once you have your style, you’re half way through! The rest will be work and experience which isn’t as hard as it sounds. If you want to accelerate this process, you might want to spend some money on hardware like an MPC or a good keyboard and a good, high-quality software. That’s all. The most hip-hop producers, like Rick Rock for example, work from their home studios and all they need are just those things I mentioned above.

This all might sound as long, hard work to you, but don’t be disappointed. Hold on to it and you’ll see results faster than you think! With the right hard- and software it will not only be easy, but also really fun for you. And, in the end, that’s what it’s all about, right?