The Roots
With the album covered revealed and a little less than a month before And Then You Shot Your Cousin drops, The Roots grabbed Raheem DeVaughn to released their latest single, “Tomorrow”.

Listen here:

After the debut of  “…and then you shoot your cousin” (May 19), The Roots will be headlining their annual Roots Picnic on May 31 and performing at Hot 97’s Summer Jam (June 1), BET Experience (June 28), and Essence Music Festival (July 4-6).

Check out the track list for “…and then you shoot your cousin” below:
1. “Theme From the Middle of the Night”
2. “Never”
3. “When the People Cheer”
4. “The Devil”
5. “Black Rock”
6. “Understand”
7. “Dies Irae”
8. “The Coming”
9. “The Dark (Trinity)”
10. “The Unraveling”
11. “Tomorrow”
12. “Nothing”