Photo Credit:  Eva Rinaldi

Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi

She was inspired to pursue acting following a stint as a soap opera star: Robbie only started acting as a high school senior in a friend’s low-budget thriller. About six months later, she got a guest role on the Australian soap, Neighbours, which lead to a full-time role and inspired her to pursue acting. Her character was written off in 2011 in a denouement she felt was disappointing, explaining in a TV Week interview: “I wanted a big, dramatic death or to go to rehab. But no, it’s just a boring old happy ending!” Soon enough, she starred States-side in the Emmy-nominated ABC show, Pan Am.

She was first reluctant to take on her racy role as Naomi Belfort: Robbie was initially against the nudity required by the role of Leonardo DiCaprio’s trophy wife in The Wolf of Wall Street, but ultimately embraced it, even if she needed some liquid courage. Apparently, she downed shots before doing the full-frontal nude scene with Leonardo DiCaprio. As she told “I did three shots of tequila at like nine in the morning, right before doing it.” She’s a trooper, though. Her masturbation scene actually took 17 hours to shoot. “Your legs go stiff after that long,” she told W magazine.

She grew up on a farm: Before she moved to Melbourne at age 17 and began acting, Robbie chopped firewood and free-roamed on her grandparents’ farm on the Gold Coast in Queensland. She also spent time on the beach, surfing and playing cricket on the sand.

She’s a hockey fanatic: Yep, you read that right. This 23-year-old Aussie is one tough gal. As she told, “I always wanted to play ice hockey back in Australia. I’m not sure why, but we didn’t have any ice where I lived. It was very hot, a coastal town. So I played field hockey.” Yet, as soon as she moved to the U.S. and became a huge New York Rangers fan, she couldn’t help but get all emotional and teary at Madison Square Garden when her team lost to the Columbus Blue Jackets last December. In her free time, she plays right wing in an amateur hockey league, although she confessed to, “

[…] I’m definitely the worst on the team. I’m not so good at the ice skating part. The hockey is good, but the ice skating I need to work on.”

She’s about to blow up: Seems like the Hollywood gods are anointing Robbie as cinema’s ne plus ultra of love interests. Now that she’s co-starred alongside Will Smith in Focus, she’s in talks to play Jane in David Yates’ big-budget blockbuster, Tarzan, with Christoph Waltz, Alexander Skarsgård, and Samuel L. Jackson. Also, she replaced Amanda Seyfried as the lead role in Craig Zobel’s Z for Zachariah, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi flick currently shooting in New Zealand. We have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot more of Robbie in the coming years.