In what seems like the easiest way to make money in the word, Celebrities are earning thousands of dollars for simply typing a few characters on Twitter? NYMag has revealed all of the details about paid celebrity sponsored Tweets. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Snoop Dogg and Charlie Sheen have taken advantage of this opportunity by Tweeting sponsored ads to their followers.

Snoop Dogg has been reported to have made roughly $8,000 per sponsored Tweet. His followers total nearly 6.5 million. Even celebrities that are not in the public eye a lot, like Paula Abdul can bring in as much as $5,000 for a sponsored Tweet. Many of these endorsement deals are handled by large endorsement companies, such as In addition, they can match celebrities with companies that will provide a good match for their brand.

While a few thousand dollars is nothing to overlook, Charlie Sheen really took in the big bucks when he Tweeted a sponsored Tweet on behalf of at the rate of $50,000 for a single Tweet. The cost of the Tweet was well worth it for the company. reported that the company received over 80,000 applications for the job post that Sheen referenced in his Tweet.

While this Tweet may have had a direct impact, other companies use celebrity sponsored Tweets for brand exposure. This is the case of Kim Kardashian who regular sends sponsored Tweets in support of various products and services.
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