Nicole Kidman’s Grace of Monaco biopic likely won’t be getting the royal seal of approbation anytime soon.
As stated in a new report from The New York Post’s Page Six, the royal family of Monaco will not be attending the world premiere of the movie at Cannes this year, in part because of a conflict with the producers.

Page Six claims that Prince Albert is disturbed about the film’s depiction of his father, Prince Rainier, who married character Grace Kelly in 1956. (Kidman, 46, stars as the late Kelly, opposite Tim Roth’s Rainier.) A source told the paper that “Albert fears the film attacks his father” as a “one-sided leader who is controlling over his wife.”
The report further claims that the royal family was denied a screening request  by producer Pierre-Ange Le Pogam, and that different solicitations – for changes to the screenplay – have been disregarded.

Obviously, this is not the first time the two parties have been in conflict. Back in January 2013, the illustrious House of Grimaldi released a statement condemning the Olivier Dahan-directed movie as “purely fictional.”
“Consequently, the royal family wishes to stress that this film in no way constitutes a biopic,” the palce said at the time. “It describes one reworked and needlessly glamorized page in the history of Monaco and its family with both major historical  mistakes and an arrangement of purely fictional scenes.”