Kylie Jenner shocked Instagram when she released a picture to Instagram back on August 11. She shows in the picture where she shaved the lower part of her hair. Kylie Jenner has made a name for herself as a reality star and got her start under the wings of her famous sisters and family.


Kylie Jenner is considered as the more experimental member of the family when it comes to hairstyles. In the past, she has done crazy things with her hair including dying it blue, green and blond. Although she is only 17, she has established herself as as a trendy person when it comes to hairstyles.



While Kylie does appear to be a bit more bold with the head shaving this time, it was done in a way so that she could cover up the shaved part of her head with the rest of her hair. It appears that she did just that when she posted a picture the next day with the shaved part of her head completely covered by her longer hair.


Kylie decided to get the hair cut for her 17th birthday. She had mentioned that she had gotten the haircut while she was on the Teen Choice Awards. However, this is the first time that a closeup has been obtained of the hair style. She says that it was just a spur of the moment decision. Looking back at her styles over the past few months, her hair seems to be getting shorter and shaped into a more asymmetrical style.