Hollywood’s leading ladies are finally getting into the limelight; and they…


Photo Credit: © 2011 Philip R Arnold, Original Elvis Blogmeister

Family values and showbiz aren’t exactly synonymous.

In fact, family feuds have long been a staple of celebrity culture. Ever since Drew Barrymore famously emancipated herself from her mother at age 14, tabloids have been tracking the personal relationships (or lack there of) in Hollywood while fascinated fans pontificate over who’s at fault.

Lately, there’s been a new trend making the red-carpeted rounds: moms are cool again. Like a kid coming back from college, celebs are finally beginning to pay recognition to the women that, literally, made it all happen.

Superstar celebrities like Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper aren’t just paying in lip service; they’re swapping up scarlets  for mommies and showing up at award shows stag.

Maybe there’s a sublime message hidden within this mommy movement. Star-studded relationships are high maintenance and usually end in public ridicule as fans build them up just to tear them back down.

Mom would never do that to us.

Sure, they might use their finger to wipe some dirt of our cheek in front of our friends; but they (almost) always keep our dirty laundry in the basket where it belongs.

Plus, everyone could use a little more humility these days, so let’s give props to the real family men who know that mama will always know best.

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