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Richard Pryor was one of the greatest comedians ever. His movies are now classic films. Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Cosby and Robin Williams have all praised the genius of Richard Pryor. From 1970 into the 80’s he was the king of comedy despite being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and even setting himself on fire in a cocaine freebasing accident. He had a wild life.
Now after months of auditions comedian Mike Epps has been cast to star in the biopic of Richard Pryor’s life directed by Lee Daniels, the academy award winning director of the movies “Precious” and “The Butler”. Mike Epps beat out other notable actors including Nick Cannon and Marlon Wayans.
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See a classic Richard Pryor performance here: http://www.ifc.com/fix/2014/01/10-genius-richard-pryor-jokes