Miley Cyrus has been name coming out of everyone’s mouth the past year whether it’s regarding her crazy antics on the Bangerz Tour (inflatable genitally) and even the occasional praise due to her well crazy antics.
She has even been described as “the person of the year” with having coverage across the worlds of entertainment, plus she holds the record for having two of the most watched music video’s of all time. However, this doesn’t translate to album sells. Cyrus’ album was only the 71st best selling of the year in the UK. Globally the album did fare better off, but only slightly. How can that be?
You might ponder to yourself. It could be that at some point sex just doesn’t sell and everything that we have made ourselves to believe regarding Miley is simply just not true.

Miley can truly be compared to Madonna in the sense that she knowingly pushes the envelope, but just does it with way less class and self-awareness. Miley remains in the public eye, in people thoughts, and trending topics because of her public display of her body. I mean she is completely nude in one of the greatest video’s of all time “Wrecking Ball.”
Which begs the question, what would there be to talk about if Miley covered up her body?
Would the public talk about her vocals? Life at home?
If all we know is how she wears scandalous one pieces which pretty much show the outer line of her private area and see through shirts then maybe people are getting tired of her. She could just be taking it too far.

People can watch “Wrecking Ball” over and over, tweet about what she means to women in entertainment, but they don’t necessarily have to go and buy her album. They can simply admire or hate from afar.
There’s no real interest in her as a musician who can actually sing, but is just over shadowed by her love of twerking.
Then again, who is selling albums now and days? She’s making money off her outrageous tour and Youtube views, but as much as she just wants to be free she might need to make some changes to be taken seriously as a musician.