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Sean Penn and Charlize Theron are reportedly engaged. And according to the actor’s daughter from his marriage to Robin Wright, Dylan Penn, 23, they’re the perfect pair.

“They’re a great couple. They’re both very happy and, yeah, I love it,” Dylan recently told Us Weekly. “They’re both extremely strong personalities and they’re very intelligent, so conversation lasts between them.”

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Astrology.com says that Sean has a history of tumultuous relationships, as he is a fiery sun in Leo with Sagittarius Rising, which gives him a penchant for women who are just as fiery. Madonna his first wife, is a Leo and Robin Wright, his second wife is an Aries. His new lady, Charlize Theron is also cut from the same cloth, but even more so, as she is a double Leo, Sun and Moon and this will up the intensity with Sean, as they do share a Sun and Mercury in Leo. With so much Leo between them, they likely had a fast and intense connection that makes their passion explosive. This could be a good thing or a bad thing.

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One great thing is that Sean Penn seems to love Charlize Theron’s adopted son Jackson. The couple who are currently making a film together in South Africa, are said to making plans to adopt another child soon.