Photo Credit:  Ed Kavishe of Fashion Wire Press

Photo Credit: Ed Kavishe of Fashion Wire Press

Ok we absolutely love Anna Wintour. That cute little bob, that icy glare, that ball busting vibe, what’s not to love. She’s our idol. But to be more specific here are 10 reasons we love the Grand Dame of Vogue, Anna Wintour.

1. She fights for causes. She has raised over $10 million for AIDS charities since 1990, by organizing various high profile benefits.

2. Her sense of humor. When PETA protested the Vogue Christmas party (PETA can be really over zealous) she sent the protesters a plate of rare roast beef. I guess that’s not a cause she likes.

3. She dated Bob Marley. Don’t believe us, google it.

4. She’s got power. We know she influences the entire global fashion industry, and in 2011, Forbes Magazines named her 69th on its list of the world’s hundred most powerful women.

5. The Devil Wears Prada. Fave movie!

6. Her political fundraisers are the hottest ticket in town. Her $30,000+ per person fundraisers for Obama at her home and one at Harvey Weinstein’s–were highly publicized and practically shut down all of downtown Manhattan last year. In addition to raising tons of money for the DNC, the events drew a star-studded crowd of celebrities and designers.

7. She supports the arts. She serves as a trustee of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, where she has organized benefits that have raised $50 million for the museum’s Costume Institute.

8. She helps put on the best party of the year: The Met’s Costume Institute Gala. Anna oversees the guest list and it is a who’s who of celebrities. A top corporate table can cost up to $250,000.

9.She is a savvy business woman. We all know the print magazine industry is hurting big time. Vogue is the only fashion, lifestyle, luxury or entertainment magazine in America that had an increase in sales this past year. We literally mean the only one. So basically she’s kicking ass.

10. She’s a Scorpio. Doesn’t that just explain everything.

Why We Love Anna Wintour